Isokinetix offers Personal Training Sessions

Isokinetix offers personal training sessions to optimize your personal goals, and needs.  We can create a more specific individualized program just for you, including:

Golf Specific Training
Tennis Specific Training
Recovery from Injury (Post-Rehab)
One-On-One Assisted Stretch for Back Pain, Flexibility, etc.

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Golf Specific Training

Improve your golf swing, driving distance, range of motion, and overall conditioning so you can play consistently throughout 18 holes.  Focus is on flexibility and golf related movements, utilizing the hydraulic Golf Core Trainer to work on swing technique and conditioning of the muscles involved in the golf swing.  


Facilitated Stretching

PNF (Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitiated) Stretching is a technique to enhance both passive and active motion with the ultimate goal being to optimize motor performance and rehabilitation.  PNF is safe and time efficient, and can increase range of motion, improving daily functional movements as well as sports related performance.


Personal Training

  Whether you are looking to improve your tennis conditioning, build strength, or lose weight, we can help. Let us design a program specific to your goals and limiting conditions. If you are just finishing physical therapy from an injury or surgery, or just getting started with your fitness journey, our hydraulic and pneumatic strength equipment can help you build your strength and endurance safely.